Boston’s New Center of Design and Innovation


The US has shifted over the past several decades from an economy based on manufacturing to one based on information and technology. Our building is case in point of this transition.

Jutting out into the Boston Harbor along the South Boston waterfront, the Innovation and Design Building is massive. It’s a third of a mile long and houses 1.4 million feet of floor space. Built in 1918 as a storage hub for the Army, its eight stories feature floors of poured concrete that are two feet thick and are sturdy enough to support armored tanks.

To the north is the city’s dry dock, where naval and merchant ships are brought in for repair. Jets take off and land on the far side of the harbor at Logan airport. To the south lies South Boston, marked by church steeples and triple-deckers. To the west, the skyline of downtown Boston is sketched by the modest skyscrapers of the financial district. East is the harbor, islands, and, further, the Atlantic.

Though the area has been historically a center of industry, fish processing, and shipping, many creative and technology companies have moved to the Innovation and Design Building (or IDB) over the past several years.

Check out this video about some of the other interesting design and innovation companies at the IDB.