The story behind Emulate’s new ‘I Love Animals’ t-shirt.


At Emulate, we love animals. That’s one of the reasons our new human emulation system exists. Emulate’s Organs-on-Chips provide, for the first time, a window into the inner-workings of human organs without having to invade a living body (or an animal).

We have launched Emulate to advance product design across multiple industries including drug development, healthcare, agriculture and consumer health. Our new human-focused system promises a better alternative to cell cultures and living animals, which are often inaccurate but still dominate the early stages of drug testing.

Emulate is really going to change how the world looks at developing products for humans. At a fundamental level, our system offers a greater understanding of human biology.
— James Coon, CEO

Like a cell culture, an Organ-on-Chip uses real human cells, grown together in a fabricated microenvironment. Like an animal, it has functioning, interconnected tissues, with different cell types playing their unique roles in the model organ. In this way, an Organ-on-Chip can help reveal the system-wide effects of a drug, without wandering too far from human drug response and toxicology.

We want as many people to support our vision as possible. If you’re interested in owning one of our ‘I Love Animals’ t-shirts, write us a note to: