Mural of Emulators


Born in Cannes, on the French Riviera, Lucas Beaufort has several passions in life. He loves travel and people, skateboarding and art. He is one of those rare individuals who has carved out a life that allows him to pursue all of these passions at once.

Though Beaufort came to these interests at different points in life, it is perhaps his urge to see new places that is deepest. When he was young, he remembers sitting with his mother, looking through geography books, pointing at places far from southern France, knowing that he wanted to visit them.

“Traveling for me is not just about discovering a new landscape or a new city,” Beaufort said. “It’s more about the interaction with people I’m going to have through my trip.”

But it is through painting that Beaufort has launched a career that allows him to travel the world, skate, and meet new people. Some of his recent trips include Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Boston.

Skating and Art

Beaufort was given a skateboard as a gift at 13 and learned to skate along the boulevards of Cannes with his twin brother. He points to the designs on the bottom of boards as an early inspiration for his interest in visual art.

“Skateboarding fed me, and the board graphics were a part of it,” Beaufort said. “The first board I got was an Element brand, and the graphics stuck with me.”

At 26 he began to paint. Now, it’s impossible to separate these varied interests from each other, since for Beaufort travel is also a vehicle for him to paint and to skateboard.

Beaufort noted that painting is a kind of therapy for him, and it’s apparent from the detailed, intricate lines of the mural he created in the kitchen at Emulate that his process can induce a certain kind of meditative state. His early paintings were of “monsters” — visions from nightmares he had — on photos of skaters and on skateboards. But he has since expanded his work to include murals, canvases, skate ramps, and more.

Painting and skating are inextricably linked for Beaufort. Photo by  Lian Leng

Painting and skating are inextricably linked for Beaufort. Photo by Lian Leng

The mural shows the people of Emulate working together. Photo by  Lian Leng

The mural shows the people of Emulate working together. Photo by Lian Leng

New Projects

Beaufort came to Emulate during his most recent trip around the US. He met Dalton Colen, an engineer at Emulate, and his brother Kade Colen, in a coffee shop in Cambridge, and they thought that there may be an opportunity to create a mural at Emulate HQ in Boston.

Beaufort observed people working in our common space and painted them together. “The mural is the people who work at the company,” he said. “All of the people are different, but they live together and they spread love. And that’s what I try to do all the time.”

During his current trip, Beaufort has a joint show of his art in New York; on June 28 in Los Angeles, he will premier a film he directed about the history of skate magazines and the industry’s move away from print.

More information can be found about Beaufort on his website.

Selections of Beaufort's past work.

Selections of Beaufort's past work.