National Geographic Explores “How ‘Organs on a Chip’ Will Revolutionize Medicine”


Organ-Chips appear in Nat Geo’s “Further” section

Images of living cells in our Organ-Chips have been featured on National Geographic’s website in an article titled: “How ‘Organs on a Chip’ Will Revolutionize Medicine.”

The author, Natasha Daly, writes:

“Before, it was inconceivable: risk-free biomedical testing on living human organs. But new ‘organs-on-chips’ technology is emulating the liver, brain, lungs, intestines, and more on a chip the size of a USB stick. Until now scientists conducted most biomedical research through animal testing — which often doesn’t translate to humans — or in a petri dish, a static environment that doesn’t let cells behave as if they are in the human body.”

To read the full story, visit the National Geographic website [subscription required].