Research Presented at EuroTox


Along with a number of our collaborators, we will be presenting new research conducted with our Organs-on-Chips technology at the 54th Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology (EuroTox) this week in Brussels. The theme of this year’s conference is “toxicology out of the box,” and will focus on innovative and forward-looking research that is being done in the field.

Collaborators from Roche, AstraZeneca, and Janssen will speak at a session titled: “Organs on a chip in toxicology — is the end of animal testing near?” The session will be chaired by Adrian Roth, Section Head Mechanistic Safety, Non-Clinical Safety at Roche. The sessions aims to provide concrete examples where Organ-Chips have proven useful and impactful and have generated data that have allowed teams to progress in the development process.

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As part of the session, Lorna Ewart, Head of the Microphysiological Systems Centre of Excellence, Innovative Medicines at AstraZeneca, will present a talk on the role of cross-species microphysiological systems in understanding target organ toxicity in oncology drugs projects. Monicah Otieno, Scientific Director at Janssen, will discuss an Organ-Chip thrombosis model that “provides a unique platform for preclinical assessment of thrombosis risk, but can also be used for discovery of anti-thrombotic agents and mechanism of action elucidation.” Annie Moisan, Toxicology Project Leader at Roche, will discuss how Organs-on-Chips technology can be used to investigate altered drug behavior under disease conditions in the intestine.

Kyung Jin Jang, our Senior Director of Bio Products, will present a poster titled “Liver-Chip Identifies Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Oxidative Stress, and Innate Immune Response as Potential Pathways of Toxicity for the GPR40 Agonist TAK-875 (#721).” Her research will show how the Liver-Chip is a powerful model that can be used for microscopic, biochemical, and DILI biomarker evaluation and can predict mechanistic investigation of DILI.

More information about the conference can be found below.

— EuroTox 2018