Model Overview

Our Liver-Chip recreates true-to-life functions of the liver and is available in three different cell configurations: co-culture, tri-culture, and quad-culture. Our human Liver-Chip incorporates relevant extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions, a hepatocyte and liver sinusoidal endothelial cell interface, along with relevant cyto-architecture, and physiological flow.




Our Human Liver-Chip can be set up into various configurations using our approved protocols, depending on study requirements — including co-, tri-, and quad-culture.

co-culture copy.jpg


hepatocytes + LSECs

tri-culture copy.jpg


Co-Culture + Kupffer cells

quad-culture copy.jpg


Tri-Culture + stellate cells


Our Liver-Chip demonstrates in vivo-relevant responses to known and tool compounds at clinically relevant concentrations and through the appropriate mechanisms of action.

General Toxicity · Mechanistic Toxicity · Nutrient Metabolism


Liver Bio-Kit

Our Human Liver-Chip is currently available as a complete kit including Organ-Chips, cells, reagents, training, and support from our team of experts. For more information about kit options and pricing, contact us below.


Liver Services

We offer services run on our Liver-Chips to deliver clinically-relevant, decision-worthy insights. Our experienced services team is ready to design and execute studies with your desired endpoints in mind.





Protocols developed by our experts guide the process of Liver-Chip culture and analysis.