Human Emulation System

Our Human Emulation System — which is comprised of Organ-Chips, hardware, and apps — offers researchers a new standard for predicting how a human may respond to medicines, chemicals, and foods with greater precision and control than cell culture or animal-based testing methods.



One Chip, Many Organs

Our Chip-S1 can be configured to emulate lung, liver, intestine, kidney, and brain. It can also be used as a platform to study a variety of diseases.

Complex & Dynamic

The chip recreates the body’s dynamic cellular microenvironment, including tissue-to-tissue interfaces, blood flow, and mechanical forces, such as flow and stretch.

Reproducible Data

The chips are manufactured at scale to provide a standardized product, from one chip to the next.


Portability and Integration

The Pod allows simple portability of Organ-Chips between our hardware and analysis equipment in your lab.

Easy Imaging

The Pod is designed to allow Organ-Chips to be easily transported and placed on standard microscopes for imaging.

Media Flow & Dosing Control

The Pod's reservoirs allow users to introduce nutrient media, precisely control dosing to test drugs or other inputs, and sample chip effluent.


Automated System

Provides the precise conditions needed to culture up to 12 Organ-Chips.


Users can control the rate of flow of media in the channels of Organ-Chips.


Users can determine stretch parameters to recreate breathing or peristalsis.


Connects to up to Four Zoës

Modularity makes it easy to install and run experiments in multiple Zoës.

Gas, Power, Stretch

Provides the precise mixture of CO₂, power, and stretch to Zoë.

Performance Monitoring

The Orb provides simple alerts to users if the system needs attention, helping to maintain optimal study conditions.

timeline-hero copy.png

Study management, protocol editing, and experiment data.


Study Management

We provide our users with an application to help plan, execute, and manage experiments with our system.

Team Collaboration

We are creating an ecosystem for teams to collaborate with shared protocols and standardized data.

Data Analysis

Our platform is being designed to collect, visualize, and interpret datasets to improve understanding of human biology and disease.



Products & Services 

We offer a range of products and services using our Human Emulation System.