Supported Models

Our Bio-Kits include the critical items you need to conduct your Organ-Chip study using the Zoë & Orb — qualified primary cells, Organ-Chips, Pod™ portable modules, and chip activation reagents.

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Kidney Bio-Kit

Available in a co-culture configuration, our Proximal Tubule Kidney Bio-Kit can be used for general / mechanistic toxicity and drug transport studies.

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Copy of Liver Bio-Kit

Liver Bio-Kit

Available in co-, tri-, and quad-culture configurations, our Liver-Chip can be used for general / mechanistic toxicity and nutrient metabolism studies.

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Intestine Bio-Kit

Available 4Q’19, our Duodenum Intestine-Chip will be able to be used for general toxicity, as well as absorption and metabolism studies.

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Enabled Models

Our enabled models allow users to build a variety of organs using our Basic-Kit and Organ-Chip culture guidelines. For these enabled models, users provide cells.


Airway Lung-Chip

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Alveolus Lung-Chip

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Our hardware democratizes Organs-On-Chips technology by automating the precise conditions needed for cell culture.


Zoë™ Culture Module

Controls the rate of flow and stretch of up to 12 chips, providing the environment cells need to live.


Orb™ Hub Module

Provides the precise mixture of gas, power, and vacuum stretch required by the Zoë culture module.


Chip-S1™ Stretchable chip

We also offer standalone organ-chips for acadmic users.
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We also offer a range of services that utilize our Organs-on-Chips technology to deliver clinically-relevant, decision-worthy insights.


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