Bioengineered Human Organ-on-Chip Reveals Intestinal Microenvironment and Mechanical Forces Impacting Shigella Infection

Intestinal epithelial cells are constantly exposed to pathogens and mechanical forces. However, the impact of mechanical forces on infections leading to diarrheal diseases remains largely unknown. Here, we addressed whether flow and peristalsis impact the infectivity of the human pathogen Shigella….

Organ‐on‐Chip Recapitulates Thrombosis Induced by an anti‐CD154 Monoclonal Antibody: Translational Potential of Advanced Microengineered Systems

Clinical development of Hu5c8, a monoclonal antibody against CD40L intended for treatment of autoimmune disorders, was terminated due to unexpected thrombotic complications. These life‐threatening side‐effects were not discovered during preclinical testing due to…